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A Summer Happening | Detroit Arts

“Artist and gallery/studio owner Kaiser Suidan has a wonderful thing going for him and the artist community. I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with the space and the man behind it, so I was expecting a typical gallery opening or maybe even a little less attended because of the irregularity of shows.

Driving up to the building on the dark Ferndale street I could see that this was the place to be! Art-lovers, artists and collectors filled the gallery creating a lot of hot bodies (no air conditioning that night) all anxious to see great art. By the end of the evening everyone spewed into the parking lot to catch a cool breeze.

The showing artists were divers from established Detroit artists to young up-and-comers. Along with the helpful curation of MIA director John Cynar, Kaiser had his metal cubes and other wall pieces on display mixed between paintings, drawing, photography and sculpture. And the best part: rumor is that the show made some where around nine grand by the end of the evening. Not bad for this seemingly slow art economy! The next show is predicted to be in October, which if all goes to plan should be a great time to coincide with the mocad opening.”

Susan Kehoe, Ph.D. | ART SEEN

“Kaiser Suidan is one of those artists who embody the characteristics of a true 21st-century artists. His creativity is out-of-the-box.”

“Collectors find that his geometric sculptures can be displayed in numerous ways besides wall installations; these sculptures allow the collector to experiment with placement.”

The Boston Globe | Trevor Fulmer Feature

“He delivered “a wow moment” for guest with “a playful installation of jacks” in his home entry.”

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